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Monday, 26 September 2011 07:07


The shooting incident in Kono recently which as we speak today was allegedly ordered by the Minister of Internal Affairs is a test case for President Koroma’s agenda for change for Sierra Leoneans to change in terms of our general attitudes and behaviours in every aspect of our lives.

Many people in this country commended the idea of the President’s agenda for change describing it as laudable for the socio-economic and political development of this country. #

With this laudable idea coming from on less a person than the President all the ministers and others working closely with the him should have started changing their attitude.

If the idea of attitudinal change had really trickled down in the ministers the unfortunate shooting incident in Kono would not have happened. There is a saying in Krio which says, “Na front fot back fot dea falla”. The meaning in English is the foot in front is always followed by the back foot. In our normal day to day activities our leaders who are placed in positions of trust should set examples which should be followed by the masses.

But if as it was alleged that the shooting incident in Kono was ordered by the Minister of Internal Affairs in whose hands the internal security is put  what do we expect from the other ministers and heads of other departments?

At The Torchlight we believe that the truth in the matter should come out and nothing but the truth. We believe in our motto which is, “The Truth Shall Set Us Free.”

The shooting incident that took place in Kono some weeks ago needs to be investigated thoroughly so that the truth will come out that will set us free. It is said that man by nature is power thirsty and it sometimes over that thirst for power that lead many people to their destruction.

Over ambition sometimes lead to our self destruction as I remind our valuable readers of the story of Macbeth in the book ‘Macbeth’. Naturally the other thing that also leads to our self destruction is too much want for money. These two are the major destructive elements of man and most men who end up being victims don’t learn lessons from what we see and from historical events.

At The Torchlight we believe that there are three sides to a story which are my side, your side and the truth. The problem sometimes in investigating matters is getting to the truth of that matter. The problem that the investigators would be having in getting to the bottom of this shooting incident in Kono is getting the facts that led to the shooting involving two big and prominent members of the APC political family.   It is believed that people who have the same beliefs be them religious, political, cultural or social ideas are brothers and sisters supposed to behave, act, talk and even look in the same direction.

It is of great sadness that the shooting incident had to take place in Kono between these two family members. We also must not loss the fact that no man is perfect and also that even the teeth and the tongue sometimes annoy each other. It is the imperfections that make room for forgiveness when people make mistakes.

In view of that the incident would not have taken place in Kono at all because Kono, in the first place, is going to be a decider in the 2012 general elections, secondly, the timing of the incident was unfortunate, and thirdly, the agenda for change in the area of attitudinal and behavioral change has not trickled up to the high cadre of our society.

The President in his wisdom knew that one of the major problems of Sierra Leoneans was the attitude of many of our compatriots and this is just one in many of the headaches the President is faced with. This was the reason why the President even created an office called Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Secretariat so that Sierra Leoneans are sensitized on how to behave themselves.

To us we believe that the ultimate truth should come out when the investigations begin. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow but it is medicinal and cures most of our problems. But as for the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma it will send a message that the President had no hands in the incident and had not even set a stage for such a problem. Secondly, actions will be put in place to forestall future similar incidents. Thirdly it will appease the people of Kono.

Fourthly, after the investigations those involved will know where the fault lie in the whole matter and apologies will be sent out.

As to what this will mean to the wider Sierra Leone will be that if we really love our country then we must change our attitudes.

We must not only show our love for the President by wearing ‘ashobies’ and dance but by changing our attitudes and behaviours which would be good for this country.   

Finally for many Sierra Leoneans this singular incident that took place in Kono have changed the face of the debate completely as some of the clean water that was coming from that source has been mudded making it too hard to see through it.

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