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Monday, 02 August 2010 09:26
Veteran politician S.B. Saccoh who was Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Guinea during the reign of the Sierra Leone People’s Party has said he decided to opt out of the grand old party because ‘in the whole history of the SLPP, only people with Mende blood can be given the leadership of the party – you should either be a full-blooded Mende or at least a half-blooded Mende, beginning with the Margais coming down to Tejan Kabbah and Solomon Berewa and John Benjamin. I therefore could not stand a clearly tribalistic party which treats other Sierra Leoneans as second-class citizens.”

However, one man who is ready to break this vicious cycle of tribal politics is the former SLPP Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security, Alpha Timbo, a northerner, who is aspiring for the leadership of the party. Timbo is currently in the USA (see press release below) to further his ambitions of breaking the SLPP taboo. “What I know is that for Alpha Timbo to become flag-bearer of the SLPP will be as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle. But what I also know is that, from the momentum he is gathering, if the opportunity is not given to him, the SLPP would not only have confirmed the fears of people like S.B. Saccoh, but it stands the risk of being torn apart, as I foresee mass defections after their convention. It could be worse than when Charles Margai left the party for not being made a flag-bearer for 2007,” a Sierra Leonean stakeholder in USA told The Torchlight.


 Press Release

Sierra Leone’s Hon. Alpha O. Timbo arrived in the U.S.A Tuesday 27th July through the Dulles International Airport, where he was warmly welcomed by the NATIONAL CAUCUS FOR ALPHA O. TIMBO – U.S.A.

This group was founded by well-meaning, prominent Sierra Leoneans, who firmly believe that Mr. Timbo is the most formidable from a stream of well-qualified aspirants for the flag bearer position of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

The members of this group decided to toe the line with Hon. A.O. Timbo, because they share his inner core beliefs as so eloquently stated by the National Urban League of America, that “ Every man is our brother, and every man’s burden is our own. Where poverty exists, all are poorer. Where hate flourishes, all are corrupted. Where injustice reigns, all are unequal.”

True to his beliefs upon arrival at the Dulles Airport, Mr. Timbo, helped two Sierra Leoneans, who encountered some problems with Customs and Immigration, one of them was Madam Marie Kargbo, who couldn’t communicate in English. He stayed with them for over two hours until they were cleared. For a moment the welcoming team was in a panicky state as to what caused the delay for the progressive strong man to go through immigration and customs. Little did they know that he was performing his duties as an aspiring leader of his people.

The relatives of the aforesaid people were very much elated thus joined the welcoming team of A.O.T. including some highly impressed Americans.

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